We provided one on one tutoring with our students in order to prepare them for their highschool entrance exam. In addition, we also provided them with various material as well. With the support of volunteers (Dominic, Verschoor, Arnon Posolee, Thunthanu Wanisornkul and Narit Trikasemsak), we were able to provide support and prepare them for their entrance exam!

Meeting up with CHiang Mai North Rotary

In early November 2018, the founder (Jerayu Tiamraj) and Marian Mahasantipiya received the opportunity to present Growing Forward Together to the Chiang Mai North Rotary Club. This event was Growing Forward Together's first opportunity to present itself to the local community.

Presentation to ACS(I)

Right after the presentation at Chiang Mai North Rotary Club, Growing Forward Together had another opportunity to present itself. Howerver, this time to a group of students from the Anglo-Chinese School (Indepent) from Singapore.

Chiang Mai phuping Rotary Club

Mid November, GFT had another opportunity to present itself to the local community. We presented the project to another branch or Rotary, Chiang Mai Phuping Rotary Club.

Selling At Christmas Carnival

At Chiang Mai International School, we were able to set up a booth to sell baked goods and snacks at the Christmas Carnival. Volunteers (Patrick Klaharn, Thunthanu, Wanisornkul, Chawfaar Bowornwattanangkoon, Dominic Verschoor, Arnon Posolee, )