Our goal is to raise 80,000 baht per year.

Sponsors and Donorswill be named and placed under recognition for their great contribution and support to Growing Forward Together. They will also receive an email from the Founders and Co-Founders of GFT for their contribution to the cause.


In addition to acknowledging the donors and sponsors of this project, the GFT team would would also like to acknowledge the people that allowed this project to grow and develop.

Ms. Porjai Panayanggool for our first logo design and Ms. Matina Mahasantipiya on our second and current logo design.

Wat Rong-Oar School for providing a location that allows us to meet with the students and tutor them.

Major Donors and Sponsors

Poolking Thailand Company, Limited. : 10,000 Baht

Anonymous Donor: 10,000 Baht

Mrs. Ning: 5,000 Baht

Mr. Mike Hock : 3,000 Baht

Mrs. Rawiphan Kowtragool & Mr. Taweechai Kowtragool : 7,800 Baht


Growing Forward Together:

Bank Name: TMB Bank Public Company Limited

Branch: Address: Central Plaza Chiang Mai Airport

Account Name: Jerayu Tiamraj and Thanakorn Rojanathagoon

Account number savings: 621-2-41477-2

If you have made a donation, please email: